Ask Payam Purqurian about Trials and Depositions. He’ll Smile. Then, with a Pen in his Hand and a Gleam in his Eye, he’ll Engage you in a Spirited Discussion of how Presentation, Creativity, and Visceral will give you the Leverage you Need to Succeed. Indeed, Fueled by a relentless Passion for the Art of Zealous Trial Advocacy, Payam’s Aggressive Trial Experience has prepared him for Artful Battle against even the most Contentious Opponents.

One of Payam’s Notable Trial Highlights, where Life imitates Art, and Art imitates Life: THE “CATCH ME IF YOU CAN” TRIAL. A Securities Fraud Trial where the Slippery Con-Artist Defendants schemed to defraud Plaintiff out of 50,000 Shares of his Stock. Payam and co-counsel for Plaintiff formulated a winning trial strategy and Impeached the Evasive defendants. Repeatedly. The Jury returned a Unanimous Verdict for Plaintiff. Finally. The Defendants have now been Indicted by the U.S. GOVERNMENT on Charges of Securities Fraud, Conspiracy, and Wire Fraud for running a market manipulation scheme with the intent to cause $150 MILLION in losses to participants in the U.S. securities market. Justice. Served.