Nooshin Bagheri

Even though Nooshin Bagheri was born and raised in Atlanta, GA and being a first generation American, her family raised her to appreciate and continue to have strong ties to her Iranian roots.

Nooshin Bagheri attended Agnes Scott College in Decatur, GA where she majored in International Relations.  After college, she then pursued a Masters Degree in Public and International Affairs from the University of Pittsburgh in Pittsburgh, PA.  To further achieve her educational and career goals, she later attended Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School where she graduated with Honors to become an attorney.

Nooshin Bagheri is the owner and founder of the Bagheri Law Firm located in Atlanta, GA.  Her office practice specializes in Immigration Law.  Her aspiration to assist immigrants was not only based on seeing how immigration shaped her family’s life, but she was also inspired by her years of activism in assisting one of the largest refugee communities in the US here in GA.  Nooshin has been active in assisting the refugee community for 12+ years where she has worked alongside non-profit organizations who help resettle incoming refugees to GA.  She also  independently organizes annual donations drives to collect basic yet necessary items newly arrived refugee families need to survive and to ease their hardship as they adjust to their new homes.  She also has expanded her ability to help by currently being a Board member at Noor Family Services, a non-profit organization that provides legal services to immigrants who suffer from domestic violence, where she provides fundraising and advisory skills to help achieve the organization’s mission.