Ali Rahnama

Mr. Rahnama is a civil rights attorney and a social justice advocate. He litigates cases involving civil and consumer rights, corporate fraud, discrimination, and government misconduct. He also represents clients before government agencies, administrative courts, and various legislative entities. Mr. Rahnama appears regularly on news programs discussing US legislation and policy.

Mr. Rahnama previously worked as an attorney advisor and legislative counsel to the DC government. As a government attorney, he litigated and mediated cases appealing government actions or policies. He also advised the government and its personnel on the constitutionality and credibility of its policies and practices. As a legislative counsel, Mr. Rahnama successfully drafted several pieces of legislation, working closely in conjunction with other agencies and local and federal legislators.

Mr. Rahnama completed four years of study in physics at Sharif Institute of Technology and later graduate manga cum laude from Western Michigan University. He received his J.D. from the George Washington University Law School, where he focused on jurisprudence, comparative constitutional law, and human and civil rights advocacy. While in law school, he worked as a Research Assistant where he analyzed comparative constitutional law issues, and advised two North African nations on drafting and revising their constitutions. He was also a recipient of Pro Bono Award Pledge for his commitment to community service and working with underrepresented communities.

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