Eemaan Jalili

Eemaan is a distinguished attorney and CPA, who holds a Juris Doctor from the University of California, Hastings College of the Law, with a specialized concentration in Tax Law. Since graduating in 2012, Eemaan has developed a robust legal practice, concentrating in Tax Law and serving as a dynamic tax attorney and business litigator. His comprehensive expertise enables him to effectively navigate complex litigation and appellate law, representing clients in both California and Federal Trial Courts and Courts of Appeals. In his current role, Eemaan zealously advocates for clients across tax and business matters, underlining his commitment to excellence in these domains. Eemaan’s professional commitments extend beyond individual client representation. He serves as general counsel for several leading companies, offering strategic legal guidance that spans business law compliance, litigation, and tax advising. This role underscores his pivotal contributions to the corporate sector, where he works closely with executive teams to realize their strategic visions and navigate legal challenges.

An ardent supporter of diversity and inclusion, Eemaan leverages his linguistic proficiency in English, Farsi, Spanish, and Japanese to bridge cultural gaps and foster inclusive environments. His dedication is evidenced by his significant involvement with the Orange County Bar Association (OCBA). Here, Eemaan has played key roles: he was a valued member of the OCBA Charitable Fund Board of Directors and currently co-chairs the OCBA Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee. These positions highlight his commitment to promoting equity and diversity within the legal community and beyond.

Eemaan also contributes to the Iranian American Bar Association, serving as the Orange County National Representative and formerly served as National Secretary for two consecutive terms.