Every month IABA OC likes to recognize one of its members for his/her commitment to IABA OC. The selected member’s biographical information will be highlighted for all of IABA OC’s members to see.  If you would like to nominate an IABA OC member to become member of the month, please contact oc@iaba.us


Member of the Month:

Reza Razavi, Esq.

Reza M. Razavi is a litigation associate who handles general civil litigation matters. Reza has experience in toxic torts, complex litigation, premises liability, and other personal injury claims.   Reza was admitted to the California State Bar in 2011. He graduated from the University of California – Los Angeles with a degree in Political Science and Philosophy. Reza then obtained his Juris Doctor degree from Chapman University School of Law.

When asked about IABA and its impact in legal field, Reza stated that he is proud to be a member of IABA OC. He further said: “The IABA brings young and veteran lawyers together and provides opportunities for all lawyers to network and develop their skills. During my first year as an attorney, I met a few mentors through the IABA who gave me guidance and encouraged me to remain tenacious in an extremely tough job market.  I hope to pay the generosity of those mentors forward and help guide the next generation of young Iranian lawyers.”


Prior Members of the Month:

Payvand Abghari, Esq. (October 2016)

Niloofar Rezvanpoor, Esq. (September 2016)

Lila Razmara, Esq. (August 2016)

Mahyar Ghassemian, Esq. (June/July 2016)

Pamchal Deylami, Esq. (May 2016)

Sean J Panahi, Esq. (April 2016)

Nina Kiani, Esq. (March 2016)

Nesa Targhibi, MBA, Esq. (February 2016)
Sheila M. Witt, Esq (December 2014)
Ashkan Hejazi, Esq. (November 2014)
Shuka Rassouli, Esq. (October 2014)
Ava Badiee (August 2014)
Rachel Khalili (June 2014)
Gouya Ranekouhi, Esq. (May 2014)
Bahareh Habibi, Esq. (April 2014)
Sara Naheedy, Esq. (March 2014)
Sina Rezvanpour, Esq. (February 2014)
Atoosa Vakili, Esq. (January 2014)
Shar Bahmani, Esq. (December 2013)
Bahram Mahdavi, Esq. (November 2013)
Shadi Ghaffarzadeh, Esq. (October 2013)
Morvarid Ahmadi, Esq.
(September 2013)
Mike Kazerouni, Esq. (August 2013)
Mona Amini, Esq. (July 2013)
Mani Dabiri, Esq. (June 2013)
Eliot Houman, Esq. (May 2013)
Negar Azarfar, Esq. (April 2013)
Noushin Dehnadi, Esq. (March 2013)
Max Alavi, Esq. (February 2013)
Neda Sargordan, Esq. (January 2013)
Hengameh Safaei, Esq. (December 2012)
Nina Kani, Esq. (November 2012)
Shaddi Kamiabipour, Esq. (October 2012)
Kevin Kian Hosn, Esq. (September 2012)
Shirin Forootan, Esq. (August 2012)
Panteha Abdollahi, Esq. (July 2012)
Goodarz “Goody” Agahi, Esq. (June 2012)
Zaher Fallahi, C.P.A., Esq. (May 2012)
Dawn Sepideh Mortazavi, Esq. (April 2012)
Arash Mostafavipour, Esq. (March 2012)
Sherin Larijani, Esq. (February 2012)
Abbas Kazerounian, Esq. (January 2012)
Tawny Mazaeri, Esq. (December 2011)
John Tehranian, Esq. (November 2011)
Rana Ziaee, Esq. (October 2011)
S. Sean Shahabi, Esq. (September 2011)