Executive Order Committee
Dear IABA-SD Members:

Due to recent Executive Orders implemented by President Trump, we are holding an emergency election to add four qualified board members to our already established board of directors.

The new board members will be assigned to work as a committee on the following tasks:

(1) Interpret President Trump’s Executive Orders and provide guidance on the ramifications of the Executive Orders,

(2) Stay up to date on the progress of litigation related to the Executive Orders,

(3) Implement a system that will assist IABA-SD in responding to calls for help from the community as it relates to President Trump’s Executive Orders, and

(4) Collaborate with other organizations such as the American Civil Liberties Union, American Immigration Lawyers Association and other chapters of the Iranian American Bar Association.

If you are an active member of IABA-SD, we invite you to complete and submit this application to SanDiego@iaba.us. If you are not a member of IABA-SD and would like to join the board of directors, please join or renew your membership today to be considered for the position.

We look forward to working with you

IABA-SD Call for Candidates for San Diego County Board of Directors

Dear IABA San Diego County Members and Friends,

The Iranian American Bar Association of San Diego County (IABA-SD) will be conducting its annual elections to vote for the 2017 IABA-SD Board of Directors. In past years, distinguished members of the Iranian-American legal community have served as IABA-SD officers and have upheld the highest level of professional integrity and excellence. Building on the IABA-SD’s achievements to date, and ensuring its continued growth as well as success in meeting the challenges ahead will first and foremost depend on your active involvement as members. We therefore encourage you to seriously consider running for the IABA-SD Board of Directors and look forward to your full participation.

For all positions, except the Student Director, you must be an active member of the California Bar.
• Chapter President*
• Communications Director
• Community Outreach/Pro Bono Director
• Treasurer/Fundraising Director
• MCLE Director
• Membership Director
• Director of Community Enhancement & Opportunity
• Student Director**

*For the Chapter President position, you must have previously served at least one (1) term as a member of the Chapter Board of Directors.
**The Student Director, at the time of election or appointment, must be a law student.

Please note: All positions are a one (1) year term.

If you are interested in running as a candidate for the 2017 Board of Directors, please submit the following:
(1) Resume; and
(2) IABA SD Application

to elections@iaba.us no later than January 2, 2017, by midnight. In the subject line of your email, please indicate which position you are running for and “IABA-SD.”

For any and all questions, please email elections@iaba.us.

Thank you –
IABA-SD Board of Directors (2015-2016)