Parisima Roshanzamir

The Iranian-American Bar Association, San Diego Chapter, is pleased to announce Parisima Roshanzamir, Esq., as its Member of the Month for June 2017.

Parisima has rapidly risen to the top of her profession since her admission to the California Bar in 2012, as she continues to successfully navigate the complexities of leading her own practice, the Roshanzamir Law Firm. Prior to founding her own firm, Parisima worked as a trial attorney with one of San Diego’s premier personal injury law firms. Throughout her career, Parisima has steadfastly focused on helping victims and their families recover from catastrophic injuries, an emphasis consistent with her passion for assisting her community as a whole. To this end, Parisima has volunteered her time to give back to the San Diego community as a forerunner of the legal industry, as she has served in leadership roles with the Lawyers Club Networking Committee, the Consumer Attorneys of California, and as a prior member of the Board of Directors of IABA.

Parisima was born and raised in Iran, having moved to the U.S. at the age of thirteen. Despite the additional burden of assimilating herself to her new surroundings, Parisima was always able to persevere at the academic level, as she went on to become a Summa Cum Laude graduate of San Diego State University, and a Cum Laude graduate of California Western School of Law. Parisima, however, credits IABA with grounding her with a forgotten sense of cultural appreciation; she states, “coming up through law school my focus was to be the best lawyer I could be, but joining IABA re-ignited my cultural ties with a community that I share so much in common.”

Indeed, Parisima credits the personal relationships she built among her fellow IABA members with inspiring moments of self-reflection, allowing her to take a step back from her drive for professional success to focus on the human elements of her life. Parisima comments, “many of my colleagues I’ve met through IABA are also my good friends that I routinely keep in contact with. When I lost my dad nearly two years ago, many of the IABA members attended the funeral out of respect for my father. Their humanity transcended an organization. It was pure class and respect.”

Parisima’s deep devotion to the practice permeates through her ambition to effectuate positive change in the community, and she believes that attorneys not only have the requisite skills to be the leaders of positive change, but the obligation to pursue it, as she notes, “treat your community with tender love and care. If you come across other members in the community who are taking advantage for your inexperience or for that matter taking advantage of others, do not sit silent, stand up and speak out. Take action. After all, you are a lawyer and your job is to advocate.”

Please take a moment to congratulate Parisima on her honor as Member of the Month for June 2017. We encourage you to engage her at the next IABA meeting or mixer with the hope that her vibrant and earnest commitment to advocacy will motivate you to better serve your clients and rediscover your love of the practice.

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