January 25, 2011 IABA Scholarship Application Open to All Law Students

IABA Scholarship Application Open to All Law Students
 Annual Scholarship Aims at Helping Develop Leaders Amongst Lawyers

IABA issues one or more scholarships each year to law students in good standing enrolled in an accredited law school in the United States. The scholarships take the form of bursaries paid out of our annual operating budget.  
IABA considers the scholarship program to be one of the organization’s most valuable contributions to law students who embrace the mission of IABA and can demonstrate their commitment its mission and ideals.  Statistics show that increasing numbers of Iranian Americans are enrolling in law schools, graduating with law degrees and embarking on accomplished careers in a variety of fields. 
IABA considers today’s law students as future leaders of our community and is committed to developing its rapport with the Iranian-American law student body nationwide, soliciting their input and encouraging their contribution to the organization’s initiatives. The scholarship is one part of this larger strategy. 
The deadline for this year’s scholarship is March 1, 2011.  To apply for IABA’s scholarship, or get more information, please contact IABA’s Scholarship Coordinator, Rebekah Azar Rashidfarokhi, at scholarship@iaba.us.