Los Angeles Chapter

IABA’s Annual Nowruz Gala 2017

IABA Los Angeles would like to wish everyone a happy and healthy new year! Nowruz Pirooz! Thank you to all our sponsors and guests who celebrated with us at IABA LA’s Annual Nowruz Gala!

2-9-2017 – Post-Election Discussion: “What Makes America Great?”

An event hosted by IABA Los Angeles and other minority bar associations in the Post-Election Discussion: “What Makes America Great?” at Loyola Law School, Los Angeles. This event was made possible by numerous organizations and associations, including Iaba LA, ACLU of Southern California, Asian Americans Advancing Justice – Los Angeles, Multicultural Bar Alliance of Southern California, Latina Lawyers Bar Association (Latina Lawyers Bar Association – Young Lawyers Commitee), Japanese American Bar Association, Women Lawyers Association of Los Angeles, Black Women Lawyers Association of Los Angeles, Inc., Langston Bar Association – Entertainment Law Committee, and the LGBT Bar Association of Los Angeles, to name just a few. The Executive Order was a topic that dominated the panel, as well as other significant topics such as President Trump’s proposed building of a wall and other issues facing our collective minority communities in the wake of the Trump administration. We had on the panel the Executive Director of the ACLU of Southern California and Kevin De Leon, who currently serves in the CA State Senate, among others.

2-7-2017 – Town Hall Panel

Thank you IABA Los Angeles, Iranian American Lawyers Association – Los Angeles, The Los Angeles County Bar Association – LACBA, American Immigration Lawyers Association, and Pars Equality Center and the esteemed civil rights and immigration attorneys for putting together this informative panel discussion on the Executive Order and its impact on our community.

2-2017 – IABA Efforts in Opposition of the Executive Order

“This is what humanity looks like. This is what human rights looks like. I am shocked, honored and awed.” These are the words spoken today by Ali Vayeghan (translated to English by his niece). Mr. Vayeghan, a 61-year-old Iranian traveling to the U.S. under an immigrant visa, was finally able to reunite with his family around 1:30 p.m. today at LAX after what proved to be a tumultuous one week. Iaba LA’s president Natalie Rastegari was amongst the many at LAX to welcome Mr. Vayeghan. Mr. Vayeghan was detained for hours at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) where his immigrant visa was wrongfully revoked, and he was physically forced onto a flight to Dubai. Immigration attorney Stacy Tolchin filed a habeas corpus petition arguing that Trump’s executive order violated Mr. Vayeghan’s due process and was hostile to a specific religion, putting it at odds with the 1st Amendment’s establishment clause. U.S. District Judge Dolly M. Gee granted an emergency temporary restraining order instructing that Mr. Vayeghan be returned back to the U.S. from Dubai.