IABA Mentorship Program

The IABA Mentorship Program is designed to offer our members, law students, recent graduates, new attorneys and legal professionals the opportunity to connect, network with, and learn from more experienced attorneys in the IABA community.



Empower Individuals

Create a platform for Mentees to pursue their personal career objectives, learn from others and raise their professional confidence.

Foster Connections

Cultivate connections between practicing attorneys and law students, seasoned attorneys and new attorneys, as well as peer-to-peer connections.

Opportunity for Remote and Local Connections

Advance new opportunities and collaborations that connect Mentors with Mentees in various geographical locations.

Strengthen the Iranian-American Legal Community

Foster inclusivity, mutual aid, and the achievements of Iranian-American lawyers and other legal professionals.

Increase impact and Wellbeing

Encourage Mentors to engage, motivate, nurture, and invest in Mentees success and growth.

Accelerate Skills, Engagement, and Knowledge

Provide opportunities for knowledge and skill sharing between Mentors and Mentees.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the objective of the IABA Mentorship Program?

Our goal is to help our members, including law students, recent graduates, and attorneys to find Mentors to assist in their personal and professional growth.

Is the IABA Mentorship Program for me?

If you are looking for a mentor within the Iranian American legal community, for personal and professional development, then this Program is for you!

If you are looking to mentor a law student, recent graduate or new attorney, make an impact and give back to the Iranian American Legal Community, then this Program is for you!

We connect law students, recent graduates, and new attorneys with Mentors.  The Program is aimed at establishing the foundation in fostering meaningful mentorship relationships for both the Mentor and Mentee.

How does the IABA Mentorship Program work?

Each Chapter will match Mentees with Mentors.  Once matched, members are able to connect one-on-one, via telephone, video conferencing, email, or in person.  The method in which Mentors and Mentees connect is purely preferential.

I want to participate in the IABA Mentorship Program, how should I start?

For Mentees, please complete your mentee profile here.

For Mentors, please complete your mentor profile here.

How long does it take until I am connected with a Mentor/Mentee?

The length of time in finding a match depends on the availability of an appropriate match at the local IABA Chapter level.  After a match is made via the local IABA Chapter, and the Mentee and Mentor are connected, it is the responsibility of the Mentee and Mentor to schedule meetings.

Mentees are expected to reach out to their assigned Mentor to schedule their first meeting.

How are Mentee/Mentor matches made?

We gather the information submitted on behalf of Mentees and Mentors participating in the Program, then send that information to local IABA Chapters based on the Mentees and Mentors respective locations.  Matches are then made based on availability of Mentees and Mentors in your city and/or area of practice.

What is expected of each Mentor in terms of time commitment?

Each Mentor participating in the Program will volunteer and dedicate as much time as their own personal and professional schedules permit.  We request a minimum time commitment of 1-2 hours from each Mentor.  Mentors participating in the Program are doing so because of their interest and passion in providing mentoring and guidance to others.

How often are Mentees and Mentors expected to connect?

When matches are made, it is the responsibility of the Mentees and Mentors in establishing communication, the frequency of communication, and the manner of communication.  As mentioned above, the Mentee is responsible for making the initial contact with the Mentor.  In order to maintain a healthy Mentorship relationship, it is recommended that regular communication be made, where time permits.

Who is responsible for keeping communications open?

Generally, Mentees are responsible for keeping communications going.  Often Mentors are busy and have multiple responsibilities both in their jobs and outside their jobs.  So it is incumbent on Mentees to follow up in a timely manner, to reach out and check in with the Mentor, to ask questions or get on the Mentor’s schedule.  Also, we recommend Mentees find out their Mentor’s preferred means of communication (email/telephone call).

When communicating with a Mentor, Mentees should make sure to respond and respond in a timely manner!  When setting up a telephone call, video conference, in person meeting, be flexible and accommodating.  Remember to send follow up notes thanking the Mentor for their time, advice, or suggestions.  Be considerate and genuine, it will make an impression.  Mentees should want to make their Mentor feel invested in their success.

How is IABA involved in the Program?

We are dedicated to creating a Mentorship Program that inspires, connects and provides learning opportunities to all participants.  We will assist you in setting up your first meeting, and provide session tips for Mentors and Mentees.  For any questions, please email mentorship@iaba.us.

Will sessions be in-person or virtual?

Sessions shall be set up and determined by the Mentor and Mentee.  For in-person sessions, we recommend Mentee’s consider proximity to Mentor’s work location.  For virtual sessions, we recommend holding sessions on a computer in a quiet environment with a reliable internet connection and a working webcam.  Zoom is our preferred video conference platform, which allows for free 40-minute video calls per session.

How can Mentees best prepare for sessions?

Mentees objective should be to build a professional friendship with the Mentor.  Meaning getting to know the Mentor, who they are, what they have done in their career, what do they love about what they do, how did they get into the field they are in, etc.  Be prepared to ask questions during your session.  This is an opportunity to learn from someone who has a wealth of knowledge and experience that they are willing to share.

Consider sharing what you want to accomplish, what you aspire to be, what motivates you, why you chose law.  Come up with a career roadmap.  If you are just starting out, this is a great way for you to share your goals and get your questions answered about your journey into law.

Like any other relationship, the more you put into your sessions, the more you’ll get out.  Be open to feedback and your own growth.

Are there any fees?

The IABA Mentorship Program is available to all current IABA members.  To renew your membership or become a member click here.  Membership is open to all.