Sanaz Jahangard

Sanaz Jahangard is an attorney in the business planning department at Brown & Streza, LLP. She represents companies from all industries. Sanaz understands the unique and complex dynamics of closely held businesses and helps her clients successfully navigate the competing goals of financial growth and harmony amongst owners. As a successful former business owner, Sanaz has confronted many of the same challenges her clients encounter and can easily relate to them. Sanaz applies her inherent business understanding and experiences when providing business and tax planning.

Sanaz frequently represents clients in succession planning, joint ventures, tax planning, commercial transactions, employment matters, real estate transactions, and mergers & acquisitions. Her experience includes negotiating and drafting key project documents and advising on complex tax issues. Sanaz often works closely with other advisors, such as accountants, valuation experts, financial planners, and bankers to provide comprehensive services that benefit her clients.

“Having first learned about and joined IABA-OC in law school many years ago, I am honored to be part of an organization that understands and serves the Iranian-American community.  I stand behind IABA’s commitment to informing and educating the Iranian-American community, as well as, local representatives and the public at large, about legal issues of interest and concern to the Iranian-American community.  Meeting and learning about the experiences and accomplishments of our community members during IABA-OC events, the IABA National conference, or during collaborations with other local and national organizations have been a remarkable and fulfilling experience which IABA-OC has afforded me.”