State Department Releases New Data Showing Dismal Waiver Approvals under the Travel Ban

On April 5, Senator Van Hollen released new data from the Department of State regarding the dismal approval rates for waivers (needed to obtain visas) under the Travel Ban: only 6% of people who apply actually receive waivers, while tens of thousands of applicants are being barred from the U.S. As the Senator points out, “the data paints a clear – and deeply disturbing – picture of the Trump Travel Ban. The Administration repeatedly swore to the Supreme Court and the American People that this was not a de-facto Muslim ban and that there was a clear waiver process to ensure fairness. That couldn’t be further from reality.” To this end, IABA continues its efforts to challenge the waiver process and implementation of the Travel Ban through the Pars v. Pompeo lawsuit.

You can find the data released by the Department of State to Senator Van Hollen here: