The Bita Daryabari Endowed Fund for Middle Eastern Students Seeking an LLM (Master of Laws) Degree at Golden Gate University (GGU) School of Law for 2016-17 academic year (DUE APRIL 15, 2016)


Bita Daryabari is a graduate of Golden Gate University in San Francisco, California, USA, where she earned an M.S. (Master of Science) in Telecommunications Management. In gratitude to GGU, and in recognition of her commitment to expanding educational opportunities to students from Middle Eastern countries, Bita Daryabari established and endowed a graduate law fellowship at GGU. Her endowment aims to increase GGU’s presence and reputation as a premier global educator and to recruit students from the Middle East.

The Bita Daryabari Graduate Fellowship is a one-year fellowship awarded to a qualified applicant who is a lawyer residing in a Middle Eastern country*** and who has five to ten years’ experience practicing law to pursue an LLM degree at GGU’s School of Law. The successful applicant must have engaged in significant work that advanced the public interest in general and the interests of women in particular.

The fellowship of $45,000 will be used to support a tuition scholarship in an amount up to 75% of the tuition, with the remainder of the funds awarded to help pay for the graduate fellow’s living expenses. This fellowship will allow the successful applicant to spend an academic year (nine months beginning in mid- August 2016) at Golden Gate University School of Law pursuing an LLM degree. The successful applicant will enroll full-time and may choose among the following LLM programs: Environmental Law, Intellectual Property, International Legal Studies, and United States Legal Studies.

In addition to seeking an LLM, the Bita Daryabari fellow will have the opportunity to broaden and deepen legal knowledge in the substantive areas of the fellow’s choice, which will enhance the ability to practice law and to serve others. The program will provide professional networking opportunities and opportunities to engage with members of the Law School and local legal communities at specially organized events and activities.

To apply, students must complete the normal LLM application process ( or the Law School Admissions Council process ( In their personal statements, applicants must explain what legal or other activities they have performed to advance the public interest and the interests of women in particular, how they will continue to perform these activities in the future, and how they would benefit from earning an LLM. The personal statement shall be no longer than three pages, double spaced, in 12 point font. Although preference is for a woman from Iran, men who meet the qualifications and students from other Middle Eastern countries also may qualify. Applications are due April 15, 2016.

***Afghanistan, Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Oman, Palestine (Gaza Strip and West Bank), Pakistan, Qatar, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates and Yemen.

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