The white supremacist gang member who brutally murdered Shayan Mazroei was found guilty of second degree murder.

Dear Members and Friends,
Today, a convicted white supremacist gang member who brutally murdered a young member of our community, Shayan Mazroei, over four years ago in Orange County, California, was found guilty of second degree murder. Though the Iranian American Bar Association (IABA) is dismayed that the jury was not presented with a hate crime, nor returned a verdict on first degree murder, it expresses its strong support and heartfelt compassion to the parents of Shayan Mazroei, and hopes that this verdict comforts the family and helps them recover from the devastating effects of this heart wrenching tragedy. Surely no court ruling or statement of support can bring Shayan back to his family, or to our community. But we hope that this painful incident will be a wake-up call for the Iranian American community, and its organizations, to take issues such as hate crimes that are affecting our community, as well as other minority communities, seriously, and to work together and with our allies to protect the safety and future well-being of our children and other community members in this country.
What happened to Shayan is not an isolated incident. IABA will work with law enforcement agencies across the nation, including the Orange County District Attorney’s Office, to take seriously and prioritize the increasing rise in hate-motivated violence against the Iranian American community, bring the perpetrators of such acts of racial and religious bigotry to justice, and put in place proactive measures that prevent the occurrence of such incidents in the future.
Every day, Iranian Americans across the nation contribute to the fabric and future of America in fields such as medicine, business, education, technology and law. It is incumbent upon all of us to combat the widespread misinformation and false narrative that create the conditions resulting in such devastating events. IABA will continue to play its role in raising awareness on the issues affecting our community, and we look forward to working with other organizations, law enforcement and public officials to combat the root causes that result in hate-filled acts of violence against our community members.